Calamay- The Famed Treat of Bohol

They say that a trip to Bohol would never be complete without bringing some of its signature delicacy, a simple yet sweet treat in native coconut shell, the Calamay. So don’t forget to bring home some of these for those with sweet tooth at home.

Calamay is known across the archipelago and there are many versions of it in different regions of the country. This is so because its procedure so easy to follow and the ingredients are very common.

Basically, its composition is made up of well-milled glutinous rice, coconut milk, sugar plus chopped peanuts as optional. The milled rice is then poured into the half-heated coconut milk. Constant stirring is needed until the right consistency of stickiness is achieved. This what makes Calamay famous. Two hours of constant stirring over low fire is not a joke. It resembles the patience, dedication and hard work of every Boholanos.

Like the Peanut Kisses, Boholano give importance on the nutritional value of peanuts. Chunks of peanuts are then added into the mixture, giving it texture and its nutty flavor, especially made for peanut lovers. But there are also sold without peanuts. You just have to ask the vendors which one has peanuts and one without peanuts.

There are many manufacturers of this delicious specialty around Bohol but the best-tasting ones can only be bought at Jagna, Bohol. Jagna is known as the “Calamay Country” where the finest Calamays are made. Calamay mixture is then placed in a clean coconut husk sealed with a red band.

There are no reasons to leave Bohol without these simple sweets. Vendors in every ports of Bohol are strategically displaying their products, often by three’s for a hundred pesos. There are also sold in plastic canisters but tourist tend to buy the ones in coconut shells.

Calamay could the best gift for your loved one upon homecoming. Substitute your ordinary butter or magarine with this perfect spread for bread or eaten alone. You can refrigerate it and slice it like cheese. Enjoy!

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Cuisines Every Filipinos Loved

Filipino Cuisines is among the richest, most flavorful cuisines across the globe. This is brought be the myriad of influences, eastern to western. Over the years, its unique tastes are acknowledged by many. These one-of-the-kind gastronomic delights cannot be seen in every restaurants but in those local food stations for Filipinos to cherish.

Its unique taste is brought primarily by Chinese, European, American, Arab and Asian influences. Long before the Spaniards dominated Philippines, the people thrived on root crops, game (hunting), vegetables and seafood. Foods were prepared through the simplest of ways like boiling, broiling or roasting.

Then, the traders, the Spaniards, the Japanese and the Americans came bringing all sorts of spices and herbs and some of their signature recipes. Now, its cuisine is more like a feast of different countries and cultures- from east to west. Wherever you are in the globe, you will always find here a home.

Filipinos have easily adopted the cultures of the foreign. Noodle, in which everyone loves, is a Chinese cuisine, the rice and meat dishes are from Spaniards, the spaghetti and other forms of pastas are from the Italians and the Americans introduced fast foods. All of these are now part of the Filipinos’ most loved recipes and of course, with the Filipino touch.

One has to take note that Philippines is divided several regions and each region has its unique customs, practices, influences and specialties. For example, the Ilocanos are proud of their Pinakbet– a dish made up of different vegetables such as eggplant, amplaya, okra, string beans etc. The Bicolanos on the other hand, boast of their Bicol Express– a hot and spicy dish in coconut milk. The “adobo”, a dish of either chicken or meat, cooked until tender with soy sauce and vinegar is getting very popular as well as the “lechon”, a whole pig roasted in charcoal.

But nothing is more appealing than the rich taste of freshest seafood, directly from the day’s catch. Known as one of the biggest marine biodiversities in the world, Bohol is one of the few where seafood is plenteous and guaranteed fresh. Seafood Festivals are common in big restaurants.

Foreigners and locals are fond of SUTUKIL, the famed three fish preparations with just one fish. “Sutukil” stands for “Sugba”, “Tula” and “Kilaw”. Sugba means “grilled”, Tula is a soup and Kilaw is a dish in which raw fish is mixed with vinegar or calamansi with salt, pepper, onions and tomatoes. Other seafood like oysters, shrimps, prawns, crabs, shells and seaweeds are sold aplenty in the wet markets.

But Bohol has more to offer. It has restaurants that cater foreign dishes such as Amerian, Italian, Asian and so much more. Wherever you are, Philippines feels like you’re on your home sweet home.

These are just few of the good dishes that Filipinos are most proud of.  Every dish is worth a try, every delicacy is always worth a nibble. Try them as you visit this tropical island paradise of the Pacific, the Philippines.

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Boracay Philippines

Boracay is a tiny Philippine tropical island located off the northwestern tip of Panay Island in the Western Visayas. It ranks highly as one of The Philippines’ top tourist spots, but thankfully, it doesn’t feel like one.

Lovely Boracay Island

In speaking of a world-class Philippine white beach and immaculate sea waters,Boracay Island would probably on the top of the list. Its natural sugary white sand and turquoise waters, complemented by blue skies and the invigorating sun make this island “the beach capital of the Philippines”.

Boracay Attractions

Boracay Island combines crystal clear waters, sugary beaches and lush landscapes into an idyllic tourist haven that is guaranteed to fascinate and lull visitors into tranquil harmony with its simplistic beauty.

Boracay Beaches

The major draw of the island is White Beach, a beautiful 4-km stretch of gently sloping white sand. The powdery sand and serene, clear blue waters are hard to match anywhere else in the country. The beachfront is semi-screened by coconut trees and windbreaks and lined with casual beach bars and restaurants.

Boracay Hotels and Resorts

Accommodation standards vary, with top of the line hotels and resorts to a simple bed rented from a resident. As such, whatever your budget, you could easily find a suitable place to stay. During peak periods such as Holy Week, Christmas and New Year, rooms are more difficult to find and more expensive, so book in advance.

Best of Boracay Food and Dining

This little island offers an extensive choice of great Boracay food and cuisine that rivals many large cities in the country. You can select among 150 multinational restaurants that offer a fine diversity culinary fare – Indian, Caribbean, Japanese, French and Italian to name a few.

Lively Boracay Bars

If you like to party, there are plenty of Boracay Bars to choose from. The livelier bars are situated near boat stations 1 and 2. There are plenty of places to party all night! Boat station 3 has a more laid back and relaxed atmosphere, with small native bars and restaurants – popular with backpackers. Expect to check your handgun with the security guard!

Boracay Nightlife

White Beach comprises virtually all of the island’s action and nightlife but still retains its relaxed beach bum appeal.

Boracay Scuba Diving

Although there are around 25 dive shops on Boracay, dive sites here are fair at best and incomparable to other superb Filipino destinations. Courses on Boracay however are quite cheap. Yapak 1, a wall dive a few minutes from White Beach, is considered the best site.

Boracay Adventure – Active Pursuits

Boracay offers a broad range of watersports. The popular banana boat rides and paddleboats are on offer pretty much everywhere with jetskiing and waterskiing easy to find. Hiking and Trekking, Sea Kayaking, Windsurfing, Mountain Bike

Boracay Things to Do

Before leaving home start listing all the Boracay things to do activities. You might want to keep this list of things handy, so that you do not miss out on anything while on holiday here.

Boracay Travel Information

The demands of tourism have brought electricity, telephones and the internet to this previously undeveloped gem. Tourism has grown rapidly over the last few years and unfortunately it may not be long before development destroys Boracay’s beautiful environment and carefree charm.

Getting There

Getting to Boracay, whether by plane or by boat, will always pass through the port of Caticlan town on the mainland.

Boracay Map

This is a map of Boracay Island which is seven kilometers long and one kilometer wide at its narrowest point and is located just off the northern tip of Panay Island. The northern and southern parts of the island rise with elevations of 100 meters above sea level.

Excursions from Boracay Island

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Popular Philippine Travel Destinations

Popular Philippine Travel Destinations

beach vacations photo     by Raul Roa Some of the Popular Philippine Destinations will definitely include some of the following: ManilaBoracayCebu and MactanBohol, DavaoPalawanBaguioTagaytayDumaguete, Batanes, Puerto Galera, etc.

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Chocolate Hills of Bohol

The famed Chocolate Hills of Bohol are not only two but more than 1,268 cone-shaped hills – a very strange geological formation that has baffled a lot of geologists. The hills are spread over an area of 50 square kilometers or more and vary in size from 30 meters to 120 meters in height.

The hills appear to be seemingly endless when viewed atop the hill in Carmen town. The viewing deck there gives you a 360° view of the hills “as far as the eyes can see”. It is more majestic when viewed from a plane – them appearing to be thousands of mole hills dotting out from verdant surroundings.

Bohol Chocolate Hills & Countryside Package Tour(3D/2N)

Bohol Countryside & Musical Extravaganza Package Tour

Chocolate Hills

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Bohol Philippines

Bohol Philippines is fast becoming one of the top travel destination in Asia. The island offers a wide range of attractions from natural fine white sand beaches, great diving sites, scenic natural sights, old houses, ancient churches, historical sites and wonderful ecotourism highlights.

Check out the various Bohol Tour Packages

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Over 300 Philippine Hotels

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